Since 1917 Vleeswarenfabriek Persoon is a high class producer of pork meat products, with a wide range of meat and meatproducts.


We use the meat of our own middle’s, so that we can controle and quarantee our pre set quality standards. After the products are approved they are produced in a traditional way, in our case lightly seasoned and smoked with beech wood.

Our Business Values

We stand for high quality products at a sharp price and with a consistent service. Through this buisiness approach we have grown from a small butcher shop to a leading family owned company in the bacon business. We are well known in Europe because of our export, and loved in the domestic market for our authentic products. With our daily supply of middles we are able to make consistent products. All our smoked products are made with beechwood and are salted to deliver safe and high quality products. Furthermore all our products can be customized to your preferances. This includes the salt content, product sice and or sliced. We have all the expertise to deliver.


Our brand 'Gildener'

Our product can be recognised by our Gildener label.


We also make private label products.

Contact us for more information on the possibilities.



Due to our authentic production methods we are able to create and deliver high quality products upon the market.

These products are produced with as few as possible additives (E-Numbers).

Next to regular pork meat, we also have the availability of organic pork meat.



With our logistical partners we are able to reach all of our customers in a timely fashion.

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