Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Policy Vleeswarenfabriek Persoon

Vleeswarenfabriek Persoon is attentive of its effects to it’s surrounding environment. We see our Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an optimal balance between people planet and profit. Therefore we have translated our Corporate social responsibility into these focal points:

  • All company decisions are based on a balance between profit, the consequences for people in and outside of the company and the consequences it has on the natural environment.
  • The involvement of stake holders and interests of employees, customers, suppliers, social organizations and other interested parties are considered of high value to the organization.
  • The choices that are made by the managing board are communicated transparently and held accountable.
  • During training’s there attention to a safe working environment and the natural environment.
  • Vleeswarenfabriek persoon strives for continues improvement of socially responsible, measurable and sustainable business operations.

Vleeswarenfabriek Persoon has de following sustainability goals regarding purchasing:

  • Purchasing sustainable products such as organic.
  • Choosing more sustainable supplying partners
  • Using sustainable products and the reduction of the use of plastic

We abide to the rules and regulations of the Ethical Trading Initiative.